Benefits and advantages of using Space

  • Solid foundation: based on tried-and-true POSIX-compatible environment
  • Embedded and IoT friendly: compact codebase and single file distribution
  • Simple: single-file makes it easier for running and setting up local or system-wide installs
  • Efficient: no code bloat policy leads to a small executable with around 5K lines of code
  • Small: less than 200K bytes in size
  • Fast: leverages existing core system command line utilities
  • Intuitive: shell integration and smart tab completions
  • No dependencies: Bash is available everywhere
  • Compatible: follows POSIX-like philosophy and standards
  • Configurable: ability to use the preprocessor for tweakable settings
  • Extensible: ability to expand the core concepts and creating derivative programs with Space modules
  • Composable: modules can be combined to quickly create new programs, giving great flexibility
  • Decentralized content: distributed user-content by design
  • Exportable: possibility to build standalone programs for more secure deployments by exporting Space modules where any redundant code has been removed by tree-shaking, for easy inspection
  • Agentless: no agents required for running commands on remote targets

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