Modules best practices


  1. Perform module static analysis

    space -m spacechecker /run/ -- .
  2. Spell checking

    :set spell
  3. Document all shell script functions for spacedoc export

  4. Document all nodes in the configuration file with proper Title and Description i.e. _info/title and _info/desc

  5. Run shell script static code analysis tools: checkbashisms and shellcheck

  6. Generate README file

    GENERATE_VARIABLES=0 GENERATE_TOC=0 space -f ../space/tools/spacedoc/Spacefile.yaml /module/ --
  7. Create test directory with testrunner-compatible tests

  8. Add continuous integration targets for running tests on external test and build servers

  9. Always take careful action when making decisions based on data gathered, be it locally or remotely, because data could be tampered, misdirected or turned malicious by a compromised remote server.

  10. Make sure build time module functions specify SPACE_FN header variable at the beginning of the function scope for clarity. Preferably in the very first line or the second line if first line is SPACE_SIGNATURE="".

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