Installing and running your first Space command

Manual install can be performed by downloading the release tarball and using Space itself to install the release files on the system. This process does not perform any file integrity checks, neither does it verify GPG signatures.

The other method is performing the automatic install process by using the Space installer script, which is automatically generated on every new Space release to match the new version and new file hashes. This method automatically performs file integrity checks (shasum) on the downloaded files to ensure the files were not corrupted or modified before installing.

Release files are expected to contain at least the following set of items:
- space-<version>.tar.gz: the release tarball
- space-<version>.tar.gz.asc: GPG signature for the release tarball
- space-<version>.sha: shasum hash for the release tarball
- space-<version>.sha256: shasum hash for the release tarball
- space-<version>.md5: MD5 hash for the release tarball
- install-<version>.sh: installer script which installs the tarball automatically
- space-<version>.md: auto-generated code documentation

Default Space installs to /usr/local/bin that requires administrator rights in order to succeed.

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