How Space works

Space is a single file program that runs in Bash command line shell version 3.2 or later. General output results can be expected to be sent over to stdout, while user diagnostics can be caught on stderr.

Space uses some external programs for certain tasks, mostly coupled to tasks that involve disk and/or network access. These external programs are not all POSIX 1003.1 compliant but have been tested to work on a variety of platforms. For more information, search for the word EXTERNAL in the Space source code and see how they are applied and used.
Optional programs that are used when available for improving user experience include: curl, git, shasum, sha1sum, sha256sum and wget.

When performing installation, if man program is available, Space installs the manual page file. Bash tab completion is also installed if the current Bash install supports such feature.
Space revolves around modules, covered in its own section - Space modules.

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